DCC Takeya Ogre God Bust Exclusive

DCC Takeya Ogre God Bust Exclusive

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The original sculpture OGRE GOD [nikne-kamuy] was made as the featuring object for Takeya’s art gallery ‘Takayuki Takeya Exhibition’, held in Tokyo in July 2013. OGRE GOD [nikne-kamuy] absolutely became a strong icon in the exhibition with an overwhelming atmosphere surrounding it, and gathered much attention from the visitors. The event was organized by BLAST Inc. (Formerly IDA Inc.)

OGRE GOD [nikne-kamuy] has an asymmetrical facial expression.

On the left side, Takeya expressed Ainu’s demon 'nikne-kamuy’. The Ainu strongly inherits the DNA from Jomon Era. Takeya is fascinated with Jomon pottery design so he reflected the taste of the Jomon Era into the left half of the face. On the opposite side, he created a different type of devil face reflecting the style from Yayoi Era, with its roots from an area now located in China.

OGRE GOD [nikne-kamuy] is a masterpiece of a mixture of Japan’s origins, ‘Jomon’, and the newer civilization, ‘Yayoi’, evolved from people in areas of Asian countries. It perfectly represents Japan’s currently combined DNA of Jomon and Yayoi, which can never be ignored.

Takeya’s favorite style is to combine two odd elements in a single figure.


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