If you’re a diehard fan of The Lord of the Rings books or films, then there’s no better way to display your passion than with collectible statues. These statues are striking conversation pieces and genuine works of art in their own right, making them the perfect avenue to expand (or start!) your personal collection. At GFX Distribution, we sell premium collectibles from the hottest brands in the business, and today we’re going to share four of our favorite LOTR collectibles!

Gandalf Versus Balrog

The moment when Gandalf fends off the Balrog atop the Bridge of Khazad-dûm is a moment that still sends chills down our spines every time we watch it. Now, thanks to this stunning collectible statue from Prime 1 Studio, you can bring this iconic scene into your home. The scale of this statue is staggering, and it even includes LEDs to illuminate the Balgrog’s fiery mane. You shall not pass on the chance to add this to your collection!

Witch-King of Angmar

The immortal Lord of the Nazgûl is a fan-favorite LOTR villain — and from one look at his ominous appearance, it’s easy to see why. Prime 1 Studio’s talented sculptors have captured his likeness in a 1:4 scale collectible statue that features almost frightening levels of realism. From his ghastly robes to his battle-worn flail, this towering statue can be the centerpiece of your collection. With a standard and deluxe edition available at GFX Distribution, the only question is which king you’re going to get!

The Two Towers: Legolas

The master artisans at Prime 1 Studio have done it yet again with this 1:4 scale statue depicting Legolas as he appears in The Two Towers. The base invokes the classic scene in which Legolas rides a fallen orc’s shield down the staircase at Helm’s Deep, all while continuing to fire arrows with deadly precision. This collectible statue is a must-have for LOTR fans!

Frodo and Gollum

This statue of Frodo and Gollum traveling during The Return of the King is sure to become the most precious part of your collection. The duo is sculpted with screen-accurate details, and Frodo’s Phial of Galadriel even lights up to add to the haunting atmosphere it creates.

When you love LOTR as much as we do, you want to be able to show it. GFX Distribution has the collectible LOTR statues to take your collection to the next level, so order yours today!