GFX Distributors is a worldwide XM Studios certified distributor of premium quality collectibles. They produce statues, busts, and other fine art collectibles of your favorite characters from comics, movies, television, and video games. These figures feature accurate details and sculpting based on the original creature design by Eiji Tsuburaya. Keep reading as GFX Distributors highlights four must-have Godzilla collectibles to add to your collection. 

Godzilla 1994

This collectible is a grail for any Godzilla fan. The man-in-suit effect and iconic movie reference pay homage to the aesthetics of the 1994 film, Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, which paved the way in cementing a unique production value that buyers collectively affirm. With gorgeous detailing, color application, and solid composition, this Godzilla collectible encapsulates everything collectors love from this iconic film. 

Godzilla 2001 Bust

The XM Godzilla 2001 Bust is a menacing and evil recreation that stays true to the original suitmation concept from Japanese films. Each scale, crease, and fold are individually sculpted with jagged textures that create a realistic look for this destructive creature. This bust is the perfect mantlepiece for a themed room or addition to any collection. 

Shin Godzilla Bust

XM Entertainment's interpretation of Shin Godzilla, they have gone all out with their version being more graphically violent and intimidating than any before it. As a certified distributor of premium quality collectibles, we take great pride in offering statutes that capture the XM quality and detail. Our Shin Godzilla statue is no exception. Each detail is individually sculpted and hand-painted to create a realistic, sinister Shin Godzilla.

SpaceGodzilla 1994

The GFX SpaceGodzilla incarnation from XM Studios, like all of their collectibles, is specially designed for discerning collectors who appreciate high-quality collectibles. This high-end collectible statue perfectly portrays Godzilla‚Äôs counterpart from the classic film Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla, which was released in 1994. This figure exquisitely captures the intricate detail required by the designers of the original suit. 

XM Studios continues to uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and sculpting techniques to bring unique, one-of-a-kind, premium collectibles to passionate collectors around the world. GFX Distributors is proud to be a certified distributor for their highly sought-after statues. Contact GFX today and order now.