At GFX Distribution, we take great pride in offering premium quality collectible statues from the hottest brands in the industry. We carry a wide selection of statues from your favorite films, tv shows, and comic books, including Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Batman, and so much more. 

In today’s blog post, we are going to answer some of the most common questions we get from our customers. Read on to learn more, and shop our selection of collectible statues today.

Why Should I Buy Collectible Statues From GFX? 

GFX Distribution is XM Studio’s Master Distributor in North America. Additionally, we offer collectible statues from several other brands. While we understand that you may find cheaper prices from online sellers overseas, you will likely end up having to pay customs duties as well as international shipping charges, which can greatly increase the price of your items. At GFX, you’ll only pay for domestic shipping, and if you ever need to return or exchange a product, we’ll even pay for the return shipping fees. Additionally, since we are an authorized dealer, you’ll receive 100% warranty support.

What Types of Collectible Statues Do You Offer? 

At GFX, we offer collectible statues from several of today’s hottest suppliers, including:

Can I Place a Preorder Through GFX? 

Yes! All of the items we offer at GFX are limited edition. This means that many times, the manufacturer will take orders up to two years in advance for these pieces. You can place your preorder through GFX to ensure that you’ll get the statue you want, as well as lock-in MSRP pricing. GFX will forward the deposit to the manufacturer on your behalf. 

Why Do Some Products Marked In-Stock Have Such Long Delivery Dates?

At GFX, we strive to provide our customers with the best products from top companies, and to do so at competitive prices. One of the ways we keep our pricing down is by only charging our customers for domestic shipping. We do this by allowing you to order products that are still located in Asia and adding them to our next shipment when you order. The result is a longer delivery date, but it also means that we pay for the international shipping and custom duties rather than passing them on to you. 

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