As 2022 starts out, there are many new releases of movies, shows, and anime series to look forward to, and at GFX Distribution, we can help you fly your fandom flags with high-quality, pristinely detailed figures and collectibles! This year, we’ve rounded up our favorite figures that you can pre-order or purchase for shipping right now to get you excited for the newest releases within the DC Extended Universe, the Lord of The Rings Universe, and even some anime series that we know you’ll love! 

Prep For The Newest Batman Movie 

This year, there is a lot of buzz going around lately about the newest Batman movie, featuring Robert Pattinson as the titular character, Batman. While you’re prepping for this newest live-action film adaptation, get yourself excited and add another collectible to your inventory with this figure! This statue is the Batman Batcave Black Version, featuring Batman himself in a black and gray suit, and includes four swappable heads, three swappable left hands, LED illumination for better viewing and enjoyment, as well as an intricately detailed base that is themed after the Batcave. Pre-order this statue with a $130 deposit and add this amazing new Batman to your at-home collection of figures and fandom!

Get Excited for Black Adam’s Film Debut 

Fans of the ancient hero, Black Adam, are finally getting the movie they deserve this year! Starring the immensely popular Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the iconic character who has lived for thousands of years, the movie is highly anticipated by many fans of the DC Extended Universe. If you’re one of those fans who is looking forward to the new release, you can get yourself even more excited with this 1:6 scale version of Black Adam from XM Studios! Featuring the character in exquisite detail, this figure is made of cold-cast porcelain, with hand-painted details in a high-quality finish that you’ll love showing off to your friends and family!

The Flash 

Another exciting release this year that has DC fans waiting at the edge of their seat is the very first  DC Extended Universe live-action film about The Flash. If you’re a fan of the crimson-clad speedster, you’re no stranger to one of his most enigmatic villains. “For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. And with every step the Flash takes toward the future, someone from the future is racing backward through time to stop him — the villainous speedster known as the Reverse-Flash.” Feature one of the most well-known and time-testing villains in your own home with this beautifully crafted figure created in 1:6 scale. Immortalized in cold-cast porcelain, each one of these statues are hand-painted in painstaking detail with a high-quality finish. These are in-stock now, so order yours today for immediate shipping before they speed out of stock! 

Prep for The New Lord Of The Rings Show 

One of the most anticipated releases coming to your home television this year is the new Lord of The Rings series, The Rings Of Power. This new show is going to provide backstories and screen-time to well-known characters within the highly popular Lord of The Rings cinematic series, and draw from the written works of the original creator, J.R.R. Tolkein. If you’re a Lord of The Rings fan, then add to your inventory of fandom collectibles with this incredible 1:4 scale figure of the Witch-king of Angmar himself, the wraith who stabs Frodo in the film Fellowship of The Ring. This figure comes with an interchangeable hand, with one hand holding the blade he uses to stab the Ringbearer! The chilling 26-inch effigy is available for pre-order now, so place your order before they sell out! 

Featured In Black Adam: Hawkman 

One of the heroes set to be featured in the new Black Adam movie is another familiar and beloved face in the DC universe: Hawkman. If you’re looking forward to seeing the winged hero, held by an Egyptian curse, you need this incredibly detailed figure in 1:6 scale from XM Studios! This smaller figure is designed not only for beauty and awe-inspiring design, but also for convenience with shipping and display, as it’s the perfect size to add to a smaller shelf or fandom room that has many other pieces on display. Created from cold-cast porcelain, handcrafted, and hand-painted with exquisite detail, this piece will be a shining new addition to your fandom collection. 

Aquaman 2 

Fans of the sea and the titular hero who rules it are absolutely excited about the second installment of  Aquaman’s story within the DC Extended Universe, coming to cinema screens this year! This hero is one that remains a powerful and integral part of the Justice League, with his strength, wisdom, and abilities that help ally the power of the oceans with the heroes that defend earth. Celebrate your love for the amazing Aquaman and round out your fandom collection with a life-sized bust of the live-action version of the hero, portrayed by Jason Momoa. This item is available for pre-order and is highly popular, so place your deposit today to reserve yours! 

Featured in Batman: Catwoman 

Another incredibly popular character that is highly anticipated with the newest Batman adaptation is Catwoman. With her slinky black catsuit and her alluring skills, looks, and personality, it’s no wonder her character is integral to most Batman storylines throughout film, television, and print. Get yourself your very own Catwoman statue for your home from Prime 1 Studio in 1:3 scale, and enjoy a beautifully detailed addition to your Batman fandom collection. This piece is available for pre-order with a deposit of $120 to reserve your statue, so be sure to get yours pre-ordered before they sell out! 

Dodohedoro Season 2 

Another show that’s on the docket and most likely up for release by the end of 2022 is the popular dark, industrial anime, Dodohedoro, the story of Caiman and his best friend, Nikaido, as they navigate life in the brutalist, industrial megacity called The Hole. The first season of this anime was highly popular and with season 2 set to release by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, you can get your fix of the popular anime by adding this 1:4 scale figure to your at home collection display! Placed on a highly detailed base, the characters are exquisitely painted and created for the most discerning eyes of fans. Available for pre-order, this statue is likely to sell out at the release date for season two approaches, so reserve yours today!

At GFX Distribution, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, beautifully-detailed figures and statues that are created with painstaking precision and attention to detail. Shop through these options to prepare your fandom collection for the newest film and TV releases for 2022 or shop through our other items online today.