At GFX, we offer all of today’s hottest collectible statues from the top manufacturers. While some products that we offer are in-stock for immediate shipment, we also offer the opportunity for you to preorder collectibles that haven’t hit shelves yet. 
In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how the preorder process works and why you would want to preorder a piece. Read on to learn more and shop our selection of collectible statues at GFX today. 

Manufacturer’s Offer Limited Edition Pieces

The need to preorder occurs when manufacturers decide to offer a limited edition piece and offer the opportunity to collectors to claim theirs before production is complete. This means it provides you the ability to guarantee that you’ll get the piece you want as soon as it’s available.

You Preorder Up to Two Years in Advance

Preorder details vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and piece to piece. However, some preorders can be placed up to two years in advance. You’ll be able to see the anticipated release date along with other details within the piece's individual posting on GFX. 

Preordering Guarantees You Get the Piece You Want

Once limited edition collectibles hit shelves, they can sell out quickly. That’s why preordering is the easiest way to get yours. The collectible statues that GFX offers for preorder are manufactured by the industry’s best. They are extremely high-quality, so production takes some time. The only way to truly guarantee that you’ll be getting the authentic piece you want is by placing a preorder. 

Preordering Locks In the MSRP Pricing

Another reason to purchase a product on preorder is to lock in the MSRP pricing. Once a collectible statue is released, they tend to sell out quickly, putting any collectors who haven’t received the piece at the whim of individual resellers. Limited edition pieces often go for much more upon resale than if you can claim yours during a preorder. 

Preorder Your Collectible Statues From GFX

Interested in one of high-quality, authentic collectible statues? Place your preorder with GFX today to ensure you get the piece you want at the MSRP price as soon as it’s available.