Whether you are a casual comic book reader, lover, or avid collector, there’s a chance you’ve heard of DC Comics The New 52. But, do you know exactly what The New 52 is? 

Here at GFX Distributors, we’re breaking down the meaning of The New 52 and what makes it unique to help give you a better understanding. We have a variety of DC Comics collectibles from The New 52, the ??Omniverse, and more, including statues from Prime 1 Studio and XM Studio — the leading brands in top-quality, realistic statues. Learn more about DC Comics The New 52 below and shop our selection of collectibles online!

DC Comics The New 52 Comic Books

DC Comics The New 52 is a rebooted line of comic books published from 2011 to 2016. The start of The New 52 occurred when DC Comics relaunched all of its superhero titles in September of 2011 under this new series name, which was aptly chosen because there were 52 issues released that month. 

What Changed In The New 52?

The series marked a change in both the fictional and real DC Comics worlds. Some fictional-world changes made for The New 52 series include new origin stories, changing costume design, and more for a lot of characters. On the other hand, some of the real-world changes that coincided with The New 52 include the start of releasing physical and digital comic books at the same time.

DC New 52 Themed Collectibles and Statues

Of course, there were plenty of statues and collectibles released in conjunction with The New 52 and its most popular titles and iterations. Even today, some artists and sculptors choose to depict DC characters as they were in The New 52 universe. 

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