At GFX Distribution, we offer DC Statues of premium quality from XM Studios! As XM Studios's Master Distributor in North America, we are proud to offer authorized resellers and consumers exceptional collectibles, and if you have anything you would like to speak to our customer service team about, we are friendly and knowledgeable to answer your questions. This blog explores how to care for your collectible, and we encourage you to read below to discover more. Contact us today!

Chemicals Versus Non-Chemicals 

When you clean your collectible, you want to ensure you can clean it safely without deteriorating any of its value. We advise you to use cleaning supplies that do not have many chemicals in them. If you have additional questions or concerns, reach out to us today!

Materials To Use

While there are many materials you can use to clean your collectible, we suggest materials that will not scratch and have a soft and delicate touch, such as a cotton swab. Cleaning your collectible is a must to keep it in optimal shape, but you have to do so diligently. 

Sunlight Exposure

It is critical to be mindful where you place your collectible, and if you place it directly under sunlight, you risk the chance of it losing its quality faster. Always place your collectible away from direct sunlight, and don’t let it overheat.

Shop With Us!

We are eager you have taken an interest in us, and you can shop for XM, PRIME 1, INFINITY, and JND. We can assure you that your collectible will be of the highest quality, and your satisfaction is our top priority. 

At GFX Distribution, our quality collectibles can’t be beat, and when it comes to caring for your priceless collectibles, it is crucial that you take care of them properly! We hope you found this article helpful on best caring practices. Check out our new products today!