Berserk: Casca Golden Age Arc
Berserk: Casca Golden Age Arc

Berserk: Casca Golden Age Arc

Deposit (NRD): $175.00
Pre-Order. Shipping August 2021

Full Price: $769 (including deposit)

"If he's going to sacrifice everything for his dream, if his dream is to fight and cut away his own path, then I want to be his sword."

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1/4 Scale UPMBR-15: Casca Golden Age Arc Edition from Berserk. Casca is a former unit commander and a very important member of the Band of the Falcon and an estranged companion of Guts. She was the only female member in the original Band of the Falcon and is behind only Griffith and Guts in swordsmanship. The statue is beautifully crafted with a strong attention to details which emphasize Casca’s unique beauty.
The Regular Version includes two swappable right arms.

A must have for all Berserk fans! Great companion piece to display next to the Guts or Griffith statues!

Statue Size approximately 26 inches tall with Sword up [H:65.2cm W:38.6cm D:45.1cm]
Statue Size approximately 24 inches tall with Sword down[H:59.5cm W:38.6cm D:45.1cm]
One (1) designed theme base
Two (2) Swappable Right-Arms