As a special Thank You to collectors during their 10th Anniversary, XM Studios is happy to announce special discounts and legacy products! This is only available for NEW orders from GFX for the following "List A" XM Studios preorder items shown below. Please note full payment is required for the List A preorders. 

Please email [email protected] with an order request. 
If you would like a Legacy product we need to be sure it is still available. 

First, pick from the following List A items, with special discounted pricing for full payment:

List A Preorders:

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: $645.05
Cheetah Classic: $474.05
Catwoman Classic: $635.55
The Flash Classic: $635.55
Reverse-Flash: $635.55
Green Lantern - Kyle Rayner: $806.55
Zatanna: $645.55
Supergirl: $691.55
Doomsday: $806.55
Swampthing: $730.55
Megatron (Bust): $4369.05
Optimus Prime (Bust): $4369.05

List A In-Stock:

Wonder Woman Courage (Full Color Version): $2499.00
Wonder Woman Courage (Marble Version): $2499.00
Justice League vs Darkseid Diorama (Full Color): $2499.00
Justice League vs Darkseid Diorama (Faux Bronze): $2499.00

Spend $5000 USD on a single transaction of List A products, and you can get the following List B items: 

Bumblebee 1/10 Scale: $870.00
Bizarro - Rebirth: $290.00
Hawkman - Rebirth: $290.00
Lex Luthor - Rebirth: $290.00
Mera - Rebirth: $290.00
Recovery Suit Superman - Rebirth: $290.00
Reverse-Flash - Rebirth: $290.00
Super Sons - Rebirth: $290.00
Sinestro - Rebirth: $290.00

Spend $8000 USD on a single transaction of List A products, you can get one of the following List C legacy products:

Batgirl - Samurai Series 1/4 Scale: $1499.00 
Harley Quinn - Samurai Series 1/4 Scale: $1249.00 
Batman Sanity David Finch - Smoke 1/6 Scale: $3499.00 
Grimlock 1/10 Scale: $1,749.30 
Megatron 1/10 Scale: $1,539.30 
Optimus Prime 1/10 Scale: $1,539.30
The Darkness 1/4 Scale: $1499.00

Please email [email protected] for order requests!